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Biblical Counseling Lesson 3 Questions


Four Soils Ministry is a Bible Based Ministry established for the purpose to equip workers in the area of preaching, teaching, discipleship and Biblical Counseling. We firmly believe that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit uses His written Word to provide the solution to man's emotional and relational problems that were caused by Adam and Eve's sin in the garden of Eden. Read in Genesis chapter three the fear and guilt, plus the blaming, covering-up and excuses demonstrated by Adam and Eve immediately after their sin (disobedience). Any time we sin today we experience the same emotions and broken relations that were generated in the garden.

Four Soils Ministry provides the Biblical foundation for our counseling students and we rely on organizations such as the Gateway Biblical Counseling And Training Center to supplement our instruction with specific Biblical counseling resources.

Gateway Biblical Counseling And Training Center   

Gateway Biblical Counseling And Training Center has the following comments about Biblical Counseling.

Is the Bible enough? There is no more urgent question at this present time. Is the Bible really enough to help people who are experiencing difficulties in life? The answer to that question in the minds of many evangelicals is that the Bible is enough for their preaching and/or teaching ministry, but not enough for their counseling ministry. These believers are very orthodox when it comes to upholding the Bible and its message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. However, during the rest of the week they rely upon a smorgasbord of self-help, twelve-step, and recovery classes that meet to aid them in their struggles with life. Much of this advice doesn't even come close to being Biblical in nature. The teachings are interspersed with an assortment of contradictory ideas and "insights" of psychology. It is as if the Church today is void of any clear cut theology regarding the nature of man, his problems, and the solutions to those problems.

The issue at stake is the Christian interpretation of life. Is the Bible sufficient to interpret behaviors? The answer is yes. The Scripture claims to be a sufficient resource for meeting all the difficulties in life, whether emotional or spiritual. The Bible must never be viewed as dependent upon psychology in any part. Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor. Jesus' counseling is never contingent in any way upon the "findings" of ancient or modern psychology. For 1900 years the church has never been at a loss on how to counsel its members. It was not until the advent of modern psychology that Christians were hoodwinked into believing the Scriptures were incomplete, and for centuries naively counseled people using only God's Word.

"The "Put Off - Put On" Dynamic" is a very powerful article/concept found on the following link:

"Put Off - Put On" Dynamic"

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