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Counseling 09

Biblical Counseling Lesson 9


Four Soils Ministry is a Bible Based Ministry established for the purpose to equip workers in the area of preaching, teaching, discipleship and Biblical Counseling. We firmly believe that God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit uses His written Word to provide the solution to man's emotional and relational problems that were caused by Adam and Eve's sin in the garden of Eden. Read in Genesis chapter three the fear and guilt, plus the blaming, covering-up and excuses demonstrated by Adam and Eve immediately after their sin (disobedience). Any time we sin today we experience the same emotions and broken relations that were generated in the garden.

Four Soils Ministry provides the Biblical foundation for our counseling students and we rely on organizations such as the Biblical Counseling Association to supplement our instruction with specific Biblical counseling resources.

Biblical Counseling Association   

Biblical Counseling Association is a not-for-profit ministry and has provided biblical counseling for fifteen years without ever making any charges to counselees. In addition, BCA has made counseling articles available for publication by other ministries, and more than five million copies have been printed and distributed.

Biblical Counseling Association goals are to: (1) help Christians overcome personal and interpersonal problems; (2) help heal and strengthen marriages; (3) help parents be successful in their child rearing efforts; (4) supply materials for discipleship training; and (5) supply materials for pastors, counselors, missionaries and other Christians who counsel.

Biblical Counseling Association believes that Biblical counseling is a God-ordained system in which the power of biblical counseling principles revealed in the Scriptures, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the power of prayer combine to achieve God's plan for believers--progressive sanctification. The purpose of this Web site is to cooperate with God's plan for biblical counseling by distributing biblical counseling materials. Read the article "FORGIVENESS:GOD'S ANTIDOTE FOR ANGER" (link below).


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Counseling Lesson 9

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