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History Israel

Bible Study of History of Israel/Judah

Study of Israel's History (from Joshua to Jesus)

Jehovah is a covenant God and so the Old Testament is a history based on covenants. He is a God who creates, reveals, sustains, judges, and redeems. From the time that God promised the land of Canaan to Abraham until the present day, God has steadily shown His faithfulness to His covenant people, first Israel and now the church.

This study covers the history of Israel (& Judah) after they entered the promise Land and until the coming of the Messiah. The nature of Israel & Judah's history is best understood by God's Old Testament covenant revelations. The Old Testament reflects the message that God is at work in the life of mankind. God created all things in the beginning, and continues to sustain them in order that in the fullness of time, His people may be redeemed.

Our study of the Old Testament history books are divided into the following ten lessons on the left:

In our study we will continue to see that the Bible is one message. As Paul said he wanted to preach nothing but "Jesus and Him crucified." Just as Jesus told the two on the road to Emmaus on the day of His resurrection, that all the Old Testament is about Him.

This view of God, from the beginning until the end, Alpha and Omega, is essential in both Judaism and Christianity.

Much can be learned by Christians from the study of God's workings with Israel. The writer of Hebrews tells us that all these things happened to Israel for the benefit of the Christian, for our example. Just as God was leading them, so we can find assurance that God is always at work, accomplishing His will and leading His people.


Course Procedures:

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(2)The Students can interact with their instructor by email when required to ask questions, make comments, or ect.

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(4) The role of Four Soils Ministry is to provide structure, encouragement, and feedback. The learning and effort is the responsibility of the student.