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Bible Study of Book of Joshua

Four Soils Ministry's third Bible study course ends with the study of the book of Joshua. The study of the book of Joshua completes the first Old Testament study series that moves the Bible student from Genesis to Joshua and covers the Torah (five books by Moses), plus Joshua. By including study of the book of Joshua the Bible student gets the complete story of how the "exodus of Israel" from Egypt ends with Joshua leading the nation of Israel into the promise land.

The book of Joshua is needed to complete "the exodus story" of the physical nation of Israel. The study of the book of Joshua is also needed to complete the spiritual story of man's "fall into sin" in the garden of Eden, through the stages of salvation and sanctification.

Four Soils Ministry Bible School's courses all center upon the view that the Bible as one message and that is "Jesus and Him crucified". As the Bible student of the Joushua course studies the Bible books of Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua, the Bible students will continue that focus.

The following ten Bible Study lessons from the Joshua course finish our story of the nation of Israel moving from Mount Sinai to the promise land. The Bible study of Joshua will cover their failures in the wilderness, their crossing the Jordan and claiming the promise land. The Bible study of Joshua ends with Joshua's challenge to the nation to reminding them to be faithful to Jehovah, the one who delivered them from bondage.


Each Bible study lesson of the study of Joshua contains ten questions, with most questions requiring a written response of 250 words or less. If the Bible student is familiar with the Old Testament, most lessons can be completed in a few hours. Bible students should set a goal of at least one lesson of the Joshua study per week, however this is not mandatory.

Each Bible student can proceed at their own desired rate of speed.

Course Procedures:

(1) Each Lesson of the study of Joshua will be sent by email to the student. Students can ask questions by email.
(2) Each Lesson of the study of Joshua when completed will be returned to Four Soils Ministry by email for evaluation.
(3) Each Bible lesson from the study of Joshua will be graded pass or fail, comments will be sent back to the student.
(4) The next Lesson of the study of Joshua will be sent to the student after a passing grade is obtained on the previous Lesson. In the case of a student not passing an assignment, the student will be notified and given suggestions on how to obtain a passing grade. The Bible student cannot move onto the next Lesson until a passing grade is achieved.


All Bible study lessons for the Joshua Bible study are now available on the website by way of the lesson links on the left. If a Bible student is take the Joshua Bible course for credit they must send each lesson from the Joshua study for evaluation. All Joshua Bible study lessons must be reviewed to receive a certificate of completion. However, certificates are only issued after all Bible study lessons for all twelve modules (120 lessons) are received.

Questions about the Four Soils Ministry Bible School can be emailed to us and our goal is to respond in 48 hours are less. Send emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We suggest that each Joshua Bible study student create a hard copy of each lesson of the Joshua study. These completed lessons from the Joshua Bible study will become a valuable resource as your course of study progresses.

Four Soils Ministry will send an acknowledgment and feedback to all inquires and Joshua Bible study lessons submitted.


After a student finishes all ten lessons they are to read the associated Doctrine and Theological course articles and the course feedback. If they are desiring a counseling certificate the need to do the counseling lesson for that course.

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